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Corporate Social Responsibility

New England Natural Bakers is committed to environmental and social improvement. On the most basic level, that is one reason why we are in the natural foods and organic industry. Our granolas, mueslis, and trail mixes are manufactured without preservatives or additives, a practice that is an important step towards environmental responsibility.

New England Natural Bakers also offers several lines of products that are certified organic. Purchase of organic products means a cleaner, safer and sustainable earth for all of us. In order to maintain our natural and organic standards, New England Natural Bakers adheres to practices uncommon in the mainstream food industry. For example, our pest control system rejects fumigation and other toxic methods of extermination and instead relies on the vigilant monitoring and the concerted efforts of all of our employees in performing safe and non-invasive tactics.

We give 10% of our profits from branded product sales to organizations that help support environmental and social improvement causes. A previous recipient of our donation policy was the Amazon Peoples Resource Initiative in conjunction with Kansas University Department of Anthropology. APRI works in communities along the Maramon River with health promoters and aqua-culture/agro forestry projects. We supported Canoecopia 2010, sponsored by Sierra Magazine and Rocky Mountain Field Institute's (RMFI).Pike's Peak restoration project. Participating in events and causes that resonate with our commitment to the preservation, protection and enjoyment of the Earth's natural beauty is a fundamental commitment of NENB.

We encourage employee engagement in local causes through our Non Profit Committee. With a focus on the type of causes that are critical in reinforcing strong community networks.  In the past, we have held several food drives in support of The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. Successful events where we partnered with Greenfields Market located in our hometown of Greenfield, Massachusetts for a fundraiser/food drive. In addition, each year employees recommend local initiatives to receive donation funding, so that a portion of our profits stay within the community.

We have regularly participated in the  Rays of Hope: A Walk Towards the Cure of Breast Cancer, in fact in 2010 nearly half the company and their families volunteered in this worthwhile effort.  Not only is this cause worthwhile, it is hard to find anyone that hasn't been affected by this insidious disease.  The money raised from this event stays in the area and goes directly to: Programs and workshops for breast cancer patients and survivors throughout Western New England, Research on breast cancer detection and treatments, State-of-the-art equipment, Wigs, breast prosthesis and lympehedema garments for uninsured breast cancer patients, Cab ride vouchers for low income breast cancer patients during treatments or office visit, Breast cancer education programs, Outreach to minority and overcommitted women, Funding for breast cancer programs such as Cancer Connection and Cancer House of Hope.

We are proud of the team culture we have created among ourselves at New England Natural Bakers. Safety for our health and welfare is a foremost initiative. Quality systems and procedures assure you, our valued customer, of superior products and service. Ongoing efforts to enhance authentic communication help ensure our continuous improvement. We experience job satisfaction. We enjoy profit sharing among our employees. Our success is achieved through living our values and purpose while attaining our mission of growth.

We believe it is the responsibility of progressive businesses and individuals to use our planet’s resources wisely to assure a healthy future for generations to come. We are committed to the concepts of reuse and recycling. Our food waste is donated to small local farms as animal feed and we have our own in-house recycling program. We produce comparatively little trash and recycle cardboard, our major packaging waste. It is our commitment that as we continue to grow, we will discover additional ways in which we can build sustainable systems into our manufacturing and distribution processes while supporting initiatives globally that are aligned with our values.

We trust that you will be nurtured and nourished by our services and products.


The NENB Team

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