"Our Commitment" Statement - New England Natural Bakers

"Our Commitment" Statement

We appreciate your interest in New England Natural Bakers’ products and who we are. We are proud to provide our customers with excellent products and service. We are sincerely grateful for your purchases and your loyalty. We encourage you to get to know us better; through this web site, and of course through our products.

Since 1977, New England Natural Bakers has made a commitment to producing the finest natural snacks and cereals. In the mid 1980's, we added organic varieties as these ingredients became available. Since 2002, we have actively pursued and have eliminated the use of any ingredient with GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our products.  Additionally, we test all Gluten Free offerings and they contain less than 10 parts per million of gluten; exceeding FDA guidelines and meeting Gluten-Free certifier requirements.

New England Natural Bakers constantly strives to reduce negative environment impacts while supporting fair and just social and relationship practices. We donate 10% of pretax profits from brand products to organizations improving environmental and social conditions. 


The products that New England Natural Bakers’ makes can be found in both bulk and packaged formats. Either as New England Naturals packaged brand organic & natural or New England Natural Bakers brand bulk format.

Our products include:

       Organic Select Pouched Granola

       Bulk Organic Granola

       Bulk All Natural Granola

       Bulk Organic Trail Mix

       Bulk All Natural Trail Mix





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