Sustainability - New England Natural Bakers


In order to maintain authenticity in our claim of being an organization that is committed to corporate social responsibility, New England Natural Bakers emphasizes the “Triple Bottom Line” (TBL) in our business practices. The concept of TBL demands that our company's responsibility lies with our stakeholders. This includes anyone who is affected or influenced, either directly or indirectly, by the actions of our company. TBL stresses three areas: People, Planet and Profit.  While the principals of TBL are relatively new these concepts have been woven into the cultural and business fabric of New England Natural Bakers since its inception.


At the center of New England Natural Baker's success is the staff of people, they are one of our greatest assets. NENB provides competitive benefits and encourages employees to take vacations. We hire and promote on cultural fit and merit, recognizing the vital role our people play in providing excellent customer relations. We are committed to attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent, as we maintain our reputation as a Company of Choice.


New England Natural Bakers is regularly finding ways in which we can adjust our business practices to have a positive impact on the environment. From plant upgrades to our company wide aggressive recycling programs – we continue to make a difference. We worked with the State of Massachusetts on an extensive lighting upgrade; replacing over 60 Metal Halide fixtures in our 28,000 sq ft facility with high efficiency rated T5 lighting for an annual energy savings of 112,511 hWh.  When sourcing product from suppliers we prefer to utilize rail transportation wherever possible in an effort to reduce carbon impact on the environment.


During these challenging economic times New England Natural Bakers remains committed to responsible business practices. Our commitment to being a value driven organization has us continually leveraging our core competencies. We are procative in our efforts in realizing our strategic objectives, this has resulted in considerable cost-saving initiatives contributing to our long-term, profitable growth.

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