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Who We Are

Since 1977, New England Natural Bakers have been the east coast's leading granola manufacturer,  producing exciting and nutritious all natural and organic products (including brand and private label granola and trail mix). Located in the foothills of The Berkshire Mountains in bucolic New England, New England Natural Bakers is a privately owned company that employs over 40 people full time. In addition to an extensive assortment of bulk products they offer a popular line of pouch granola that includes both organic and conventional formulations that are created with the health of the consumer in mind. In addition to brand products, New England Natural Bakers has a strong private label presence and is a co-packer of choice among discerning manufactures and retailers.

Meet the New England Natural Bakers' Team:

Pam Clark

Pam Clark, President & CEO

After stints at Clorox and Nesoya, Pam Clark joined New England Natural Bakers in 1996 as the Director of Sales & Marketing.  On December 1st 2014, Pam officially became only the second President in NENB’s 37 year history. But wait, there’s more, this industry veteran is also an accomplished freelance french horn player and performs with various orchestras, including Thayer Symphony Orchestra as well as local brass groups and with her family. While originally from Guilford, Ct., an idyllic coastal community on the Eastern seaboard she holds dear to her heart, Pam currently lives in Central Massachusetts with her husband Jon and cat, Dottie. She has three (grown) children that live away from home. In addition to music, Pam enjoys spending time with her family, running, skiing and the outdoors.

Favorite NENB product: Save the Forest Granola

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Didi Foley

Didi Foley, Chief Financial Officer





Lydia Laflamme

Lydia, Laflamm, Customer Service / Office Manager

Lydia joined NENB in March 2009 and brings with her over 10 years in customer service & human resources experience. Lydia is originally from Old Town, Maine but has lived in Massachusetts for the last 42 years. She loves spending time with her family which includes her husband, five children and nine grandchildren. When Lydia is not at work, she loves to quilt, cook, watch old movies, and vacation in Hawaii.  

Favorite NENB product:  Organic Hemp & Flax Granola and the Vanilla Passion Trail Mix

Our Mission:

With a passion for excellence and an aspiration to inspire others with our story, New England Natural Bakers will enhance our vibrant family culture and dynamic infrastructure while assuring healthy profitability and sustainable growth. Through our dedication to personal and professional development, excellent customer service, and consistent creation of premium quality products, we will become an employer of choice and gain national recognition as the preferred producer of granolas and trail mix products by 2014.

Our Purpose:

Through our guiding Values of Trust, Integrity, Excellence, and Sustainability NENB crafts products and nurtures conscious relationships that enhance the quality of life.

Our Values:

Values are the threads of conviction that weave an ethical web throughout our life. They are the source of our actions, the heart of our decisions, and the force behind personal fulfillment and self-motivation.


· We are a reliable, dependable, and accountable team.
· We are respectful and encouraging, understanding and appreciative.
· We offer each other emotional and physical safety.
· We are honest and caring.
· We are authentic with ourselves and with others.
· We strive to align our intentions, words, and deeds, and have them reflect our deepest values.
· We produce high quality products and offer outstanding service to our customers.
· We work towards our goals and ideals with passion and inspiration.
· We are continually improving.
· We practice ecological, social, and economic stewardship, preserving tomorrow’s resources.
· We provide the necessary resources that facilitate a creative and positive work experience.
· We persevere with our efforts while maintaining healthy and balanced lives.
· We celebrate and have fun!
These are the T I E S that bind us together.
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